Most of Men can implant or thicken their beards. With UNIMED GREFFE, we offer and aesthetic approach based intervention that promotes self-esteem and satisfaction for you.

FUE method is used for Beard Transplant, from 1500 up to 3000 follicles are simply extracted by our professional and well trained medical team from the back side of the head to be implanted in the empty places of the shaved bread,  the same way as in the hair transplant intervention.

Straightness, thickness and density of the beard are carefully taken into consideration during the process of implant.

In 3 to 4 months the beard starts to grow up gradually to reach the last result in 12 months with a maximum thickness expected.

UNIMED GREFFE provides to you  a lifelong guarantee certificate after the operation, and follow up the evolution of your treatment by phone or email until you get the satisfying results.

While our medical team and aesthetic professionals can advise the suitable grafts number for each case, you can precise you type of implantation necessary for.