From 2005, InkamedX established in Turkey serving more than 15 years in the field of aesthetic surgery and Hair Implantation. As the local authority promotes the Medical Tourism in Turkey, our customers come from all around the world to our clinic to perform mainly Hair Implantation benefitting from our very competitive prices and high satisfaction rate.

InkamedX provides Hair Transplantation services with scientific and technical superiority. Our main goal is the happiness and the satisfaction of our patients by combining Hair with the understanding of holiday and offering maximum comfort.

Our physicians as well as our hospitals personnel are aware of legal and moral responsibilities related to any medical or aesthetic intervention.

Hair transplantation is an art that combines health and aesthetics dimensions. For the execution of this art, it has a structure that keeps all the needs of the people who have problems with hairlessness and provides all kinds of care about the hair, with a personalized price policy that focuses on the customer satisfaction in the first place.