What are the   Hair Transplant successfulness key factors? 

The successfulness of any Hair transplant is a result of many factors; some of them are related to us and some others related to the patients him/herself.

The factors related to the patient:

  • Patient’s individual hair characteristic: The thickness and the concentration of hair in the donor area (the zone from which the hair will be extracted) compared to the bald area plays very important role to precise the number of grafts to be transplanted and consequently the result that will be obtained.
  • Post operation care awareness: After the operation, a special attention and care should be taken into consideration, our medical team will provide you a list of some conditions, instructions and restrictions be avoided just after the operation and in each stage of the treatment.
  • The baldness or hair loss process:  the common rule says that the earlier Hair loss is treated, the more efficient the results will be. Blood circulation in the dermis stars to weaken and cells starts to weaken

The factors related to us:

The technique used: FUE method is the most successful method in the field of hair transplant, that’s why, we generally advise our customer to do. In some cases, DHI method is preferred by women in order to avoid a complete hair shaving.

The medical team proficiency: The competence of the medical team who will perform the Hair Transplant operation is the main key for any success intervention, inkamedX ’s team is one of the most experienced teams in Istanbul and in Europe with more than 2000 operations experienced in the last few years.

The very precise direction of the follicle and the way it is implanted will precise the direction of the hair when it grows up. Also, the space between the follicles extracted will determine the way how the donor area will look like after the operation; the medical team will be very careful about not making the back side looking empty.

NB: In some cases we are unable to perform Hair Transplants for patients; especially when hair concentration is very low in the back side (donor area) compared with the bald area. In other cases, two sessions are prescribed for patients in order to gets the best results.

Our medical team will decide about if the Hair Transplant is possible or not and if only one or two sessions are needed during the first consultation.

How many hours Hair Transplantation takes?

The Hair Transplant operation varies according to the number of grafts to be implanted; however it takes generally from 5 -6 hours. Meanwhile, patients can have 20 to 30 minutes rest time to eat or drink (which is provided for free by inkamedX).

Is Hair Transplant painful?

Our medical team applies a local anesthesia before proceeding in Hair Transplant, so you will not feel any pain during the operation.

Some patients may feel uncomfortable when receiving the injection of anesthesia, but this is for just 5 minutes

What should I avoid after Hair Transplant?

Helmet and Hat:

Helmets and hats are strictly forbidden especially in the first month after Hair Transplant, the newly transplanted grafts could be removed with high pressure and contact with anything put on the head.


As sport activities generate high temperature and sweat to the human body, patients should not practice sports in the first 4-6 week after the operation. Heat provokes skin dilatation which makes the newly grafted follicles instable and consequently lost.

Sex :

It is advised that sex should be avoided from 1–7 day after the Hair Transplantation as pressure, touch and body’s high temperature may cause the fall of the grafts very recently implanted.

Swimming pool:

The chlorine that water in swimming pool contains is very harmful, it is highly recommended to avoid attending it at least for three (3) months. After that swimming can be practiced gradually starting by a limited period until nine (9) months after the operation.

Sea, sauna and solarium:

The exposure to high level of UV and Temperature is very harmful for any recently implanted grafts as it causes skin dilatation and affects their stability and may lead to lose them.

Alcohol and cannabis: 

It is highly recommended to avoid using cannabis or drinking alcohol at least five (5) days starting from the day before the operation because they increase the blood pressure.


Smoking should be reduced as much as possible the day of the intervention to insure that the Hair Transplant operation processes in the natural conditions. Then, patients can return to their smoking rhythm.