Hair loss is very common for male human being. In fact, more than 70% of men lose their hair in a specific period of their lives in different ages. Sometimes, hair can naturally grow up again without any intervention.  In other cases, pharmaceutical medicines prescribed by doctors can reduce the hair falling or stop it. Many other people use traditional, natural remedies and creams.

When the previously stated solutions do not solve the problem, we advise the Hair transplant solution.

While genetic determination, hormonal disorder, foods, weather, psychological status, medicines, and other factors can contribute to the hair loss problem for men leading to baldness. UNIMED GREFFE offers a natural like-looking hair transplant life-time guaranteed result


After a first contact by email or phone, the patient will summarize his case to us, and provide  a photograph of the head from back, up and front positions.

This information will help the doctor precise the general reason behind the hair loss, to decide if the hair transplant is possible or not, and to precise the number of grafts to be implanted to reach the best result.

Furthermore, as soon as the patient reaches our clinic, a microscopic exam will be performed to make sure that the quality of follicles that will be implanted is the same one like the ones already lost to guarantee the result.


We use generally use the FUE Hair transplantation, which is the most efficient, reliable and economic method nowadays.

Unfortunately, the evaluation of our medical team remains very important to decide about the number grafts to be transplanted. Meanwhile, you can know which form of baldness you ha