Hair loss for women can be due to multiple reasons. Genetic determination, stress, diseases and chemical medicines, alimentation, weather, pregnancy and breast feeding, thyroid glands and other factors can lead to hair loss.

Hair loss for women can be local or general, as it can be temporary or continuously.


Our medical team will need some information about the hair fall down history and the possible reasons behind it. We ask you to send us a photograph of the back, top  and front part of the head to evaluate if the Hair Transplant is possible or not in the first place, and then to decide about the number of grafts to be implanted.


Fue Method:  In this method, the from 2500 to 4500  follicules will be taken from the back side of the head to be transplanted in the front and top parts of the head.

In some cases, head could be partially or completely shaved to insure the best results, in other cases it is not even necessary to shave.

For most of women getting shaved is socially and aesthetically embarrassing, that is why we try to avoid it and leave it as a last resort.

DHI Method:   With this method hair will be transplanted from the donor zone (which is generally the back side of the head) the empty parts of the head.

DHI hair transplant is a FUE hair transplant method, the way we implant the graft is not the same . In FUE hair transplant method , the hair transplant surgeon makes incisions on the whole scalp and follicle units are placed on these incisions. Moreover, the DHI hair transplant method does not require any incisions and a we use a special tool used during each implantation on the scalp. As an alternative, the robotic hair transplant system can be applied. The tool used measures the adequate depth and angle  for each hair follicle, it is also referred as robotic follicular unit extraction .

Generally DHI method does not require woman hair shaving.