When PRP is advised:

Generally, PRP treatment is advised in case of recent suddenly hair fall down due to stress and depression or in cases of thin hair.

What is PRP?

PRP is referred to Platelet Rich Plasma, it can be injected after the hair transplant intervention or without it as cure or treatment as an activator to the ‘’lazy follicles’’ or the follicles ‘’damaged’’ by age or other factors to help them to reproduce hair and strengthen it.

The Platelet Rich Plasma is is extracted after a separation process of about 100 cc from the patient’s blood, and reinjected in the scalp’s dermis, providing until six times more of PRP that normally exist in our blood.

This process will ‘’fertilize’’ the dermis and stimulates the stem cells to produce a thicker hair.


In order to get the best PRP treatment result, it is important for our medical team to know the history of the hair fall down or weakness history.

After a telephonic interview our doctor will evaluate the case and decide if a PRP injection will be possible for you or not first, as in some cases it cannot be efficient or gives no effect, as when baldness is very advanced.

Then, a microscopic diagnosis will be done when the patient visits our clinic and the adequate quantity of the PRP to be injected and the numbers of interventions needed for each patient.